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ACT Maxx Xtreme Pressure Plate Solid Hub 4 Pad Disc Clutch Kit Mitsubishi Eclipse 1990-2005

MB1-XXR4 (Review this product!)
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ACT Maxx Xtreme Pressure Plate, 4 Pad Race Disc Clutch Kit

1992-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo 7 Bolt 4G63
1990-1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo 6 Bolt
1996-2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/A 4G64
2000-2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/A 4G64

Torque Capacity: 595 (ft/lbs) Clamp Load increase 82%
XX Maxx Xtreme Pressure Plate 
Clamp loads increase of 70%- 150%, pedal feels moderate to stiff,
R4  4 Pad race disc
Recommended for drag and road racing , increased torque capacity, fastest shifts, low inertia, good durability but shortened spline life, harsh engagement, chatte 

After spending long hours and thousands of dollars building that high powered engine, you need a quality clutch that can properly transfer that power into motion. Count on ACT clutches for quality, performance and affordability.
ACT recognizes that every driver and engine set-up is unique. so a variety of complete clutch kits components are offered to match virtually any situation. ACT's complete clutch kits include a pressure plate, disc release bearing, and (in most cases) a pilot bearing and alignment tool.
Consider carefully which clutch is right for your car. First you need a clutch that will hold all the power, but not excessive. For street use, you also need a long lasting clutch that has a positive feel, smooth engagement and quite operation. For racing you need a though clutch that will enable quick shifts and hard slips all the way to the finish line.  




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