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GTSPEC Rear 4 Point Cross Linkage Brace Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2008+

GTS-SUS-1449 (Review this product!)
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GTSPEC Rear 4 Points Cross Linkage Brace for GR for Sedan

GTSPEC Rear 4 Points Cross Linkage Brace for GR for Sedan 4 Dr
GTSPEC Rear 4 Points Cross Linkage Brace is use to complete the trunk cage system (GTS-SUS-1450) for the 2011+ Subaru Impreza Sedans 


GTSPEC Trunk Cage System:

GTSPEC's new Trunk Cage System is the ultimate chassis modification for those who seek the best in performance. You have invested your time and money making your car the best it can be by adding high performance parts such as Sway bars,Coilovers,Bushings and wheels. By stiffening your suspension, flex is transferred to the chassis instead. To eliminate chassis flex GTSPEC has introduced their Trunk Cage System. By reinforcing the four corners in the trunk GTSPEC has increased the stability and rigidity of the rear. With better handling response as well as the ability to predict the vehicle's behavior during cornering the feedback from the car is incredible. GTSPECs Trunk Cage System connects the rear strut tower brace to floor brace creating a cage for the ultimate in performance.
This i a simple bolt-in installation with not drilling required 



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